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A leading commercial HVAC company serving Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Thornton Service provides commercial HVAC services to clients throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Our skilled HVAC technicians specialize in preventive maintenance and repair of commercial heating and cooling systems. From emergency repair to maintenance-only HVAC contracts and facilities management, we support a range of industries, including healthcare, education, government and mission critical data centers.

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Energy Optimization and Conservation Services In the Greater Washington DC Metro AreaSpecializing In Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment for More Sustainable and Cost-Effective Commercial Buildings

According to the EPA, “Energy represents 30% of the typical building’s costs and is a property’s single largest operating expense. Thirty percent of the energy consumed in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.”

Thornton Service provides customized energy programs to improve building efficiency for clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and west-central Maryland. By combining the latest in HVAC energy technologies with an industry-leading training program and stellar customer service, we’re able to:

  • Maximize current performance
  • Develop operational savings goals
  • Implement a long-term energy conservation sustainability plan for your commercial facility

The bottom line for owners and facility managers is a lower operational cost through maximizing the building’s energy efficiency. Our 30+ years of experience, and commitment to the Washington DC area, uniquely position us as the go-to leaders in the local commercial HVAC services industry. With a huge percentage of our business coming from successful long-term client relationships, we’re proud of the solid reputation we’ve been able to build through the quality preventative maintenance programs we provide.

How to Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Do you know what you spend on heating and cooling? Do you believe your energy costs are too high? To more effectively control future increases, building owners and operators must first have a solid understanding of their HVAC cost of ownership.

Thornton Service’s Rolling 12 Energy Analysis creates a baseline of your past energy consumption to assess the general efficiency of your current equipment. This is done by analyzing the past three or more years of utility bills and developing a trend analysis of rolling 12 energy use. Kilowatt consumption and dollars per square foot costs are graphed, allowing Thornton Service to assess the condition and operation of a building’s HVAC systems.

This thorough analysis of the building’s current and historical energy usage and existing equipment allows our HVAC technicians and energy engineers to fully understand the system’s design, operation and maintenance requirements. Based on that solid foundation, we create the right solution that lowers costs and enhances the working environment.

While maximizing the efficiency of existing systems, we also benchmark the building’s performance to identify and evaluate additional no-cost and low-cost savings opportunities as well as needed repairs, replacements or upgrades that could provide additional savings down the road. From auditing to measurement and verification, ongoing efficiency reporting is provided to track our progress.

Energy Conservation

We understand the path to energy sustainability is a journey and not a single event. So, we partner with our clients to develop long-term strategic programs that include energy management, capital planning, incentives and rebates, flexible financing, return on investment, financial analysis, and guaranteed performance programs.

Energy Saving Tools and Resources

Modern commercial facilities are often equipped with sophisticated ‘smart’ technology, automation, and analytics software. Getting the most out of those valuable tools for energy efficiency can be complicated and overwhelming for facility managers. We simplify this inherent complexity for our clients. With our professional staff of Energy Engineers and Certified Energy Managers we monitor and analyze applicable information, then filter and direct it to our clients by way of understandable reports, allowing them to make the best and most informed decision for their organization.

We prioritize ongoing education so we can stay on top of the latest in energy efficient technologies and informational resources to access the data our clients need. We also hold memberships and affiliations with numerous local, regional, industry and government associations to provide them with the best solutions.


We are an ENERGY STAR® partner and, as part of the Service Logic family of companies, we support one of the largest portfolios of rated buildings in America. ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us save money for our clients and protecting the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

U.S. Green Building Council®

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council® we evaluate the environmental impact of our activities with a view towards ultimate sustainability. We provide services that support USGBC's LEED® certification programs, including building retrofits and operations and maintenance.

LEED certified buildings typically cost 9% less to operate, enjoy 7.5% greater valuation, have higher occupancy rates and charge more for rent.

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How is Your Building Operating Right Now? Protect Your Mechanical Systems

Preventative HVAC maintenance programs maximize efficiency and minimize equipment downtime. Make sure your commercial heating and cooling systems are on a healthy schedule with a customized HVAC maintenance program.

How to Save Money With Energy Efficient Systems

We know the path to energy sustainability is a journey not an event. We partner with each client to analyze their utility bills, identify no-cost/low-cost savings opportunities, implement operations and maintenance practices and identify system upgrades and retrofits with a return on investment.

What goes into an HVAC System? Built Up system vs. Package (Unitary) system

Which one is right for your facility? See the difference and learn about the components each includes.

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