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A leading commercial HVAC company serving Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Thornton Service provides commercial HVAC services to clients throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Our skilled HVAC technicians specialize in preventive maintenance and repair of commercial heating and cooling systems. From emergency repair to maintenance-only HVAC contracts and facilities management, we support a range of industries, including healthcare, education, government and mission critical data centers.

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Washington, DC HVAC Maintenance

The right HVAC maintenance program pays for itself in terms of energy savings and extending equipment life. As an experienced commercial HVAC company, Thornton Service provides HVAC preventative maintenance contracts to clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. From federal, state and local governments to educational institutions and private companies, we help clients create comfortable, healthy, and safe commercial environments through HVAC maintenance programs that also meet financial goals. 

Through scheduled HVAC maintenance, equipment is less likely to become unexpectedly obsolete or cause unplanned capital investments. When working with Thornton Service, companies throughout the metropolitan area benefit from HVAC preventative maintenance contracts in a variety of ways, including: 

  • longer systems and equipment lifespan 
  • fewer costly repairs, increase in energy efficiency 
  • healthier indoor air quality 
  • compliance with EPA standards and the availability of documented equipment histories 

What To Expect from HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts: 

Thornton Service offers two types of HVAC preventative maintenance contracts to deliver a custom solution to clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Drawing from best practices recommended by leading organizations such as IFMA, BOMA, and the EPA, all service procedures and documentation follow industry guidelines to ensure compatibility with each client's processes. 

  • Assured Professional Maintenance HVAC contracts: (Comprehensive, full service, parts and labor inclusive)
  • Certified Professional Maintenance HVAC contracts: (Preventive maintenance service)

While executing planned maintenance services for our clients, parts and materials are always sourced for the quickest and most cost-effective delivery and application. Along the way, our HVAC technicians will: 

  • Evaluate the age, condition and design application of systems. 
  • Identify impending problems in each piece of equipment. 
  • Rapidly repair and replace worn or doubtful parts. 
  • Look for opportunities to improve efficiency through incremental upgrades. 
  • Maximize operational reliability and performance. 

Contact us today to get on a preventative maintenance program that works with the lifecycle of your HVAC equipment to save energy, save money and helps to prevent emergency HVAC repair.    

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